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The top three digital trends for 2014

Going social

Social platforms look set to be the glue that hold digital strategies together in 2014, with the applications potentially the most effective way of reaching consumers who flick from screen to screen, desktop to mobile device and back, often a number of times a day.

In a world where consumers are always connected social is the way forward. Digital researcher eMarketer predicts the share of digital ad spending on social platforms will reach 12 per cent in the United States next year, and around nine per cent worldwide.

Multi-screen engagement and the use of mobile devices allows social to engage consumers on multiple platforms, often in real time, and through multiple types of content, including video, which is on the rise.

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Mobile spending

According to eMarketer, mobile will account for 19 per cent of online sales in 2014; by 2017, that will jump to 26 per cent of all online sales in the United States. In the United Kingdom, mobile is stronger, and eMarketer predicts it will account for up to 24 per cent of retail ecommerce sales.

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Because consumers are much more likely to be always connected, the expectation for instant or quick responses to queries, or same-day delivery or pick-up for example, has changed the way marketers approach digital strategy. The need to connect on multiple channels as consumers flick between screens, and corroborate digital with traditional marketing and in-store interaction, will lead to a tighter integration between digital and traditional channels in 2014.

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