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Ten ways to increase engagement on Facebook

With the addition of Facebook’s new application, Story Bump, posts that are getting more likes, comments and shares, are bumped up in the news feed. 

This change was rolled out across desktop platforms in September this year, with final tweaks still being made to the mobile version. Story Bump basically allows users to see posts that they may not have seen when they were first published by bumping them up to the top of the news feed if they attract a lot of engagement.

Story Bumping allows your posts to have more impact, for longer. Generally a Facebook post has a shelf life of just over two hours, in which time it will have received the majority of views. A study by Wisemetrics found it takes just 30 minutes for a Facebook post to get 50 per cent of its global reach. But with Story Bumping, if your post receives a good level of engagement, it will return to the top of the news feed, and potentially receive more impressions than was otherwise possible. So, engagement is key.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top ten ways to ensure your Facebook content is engaging your fans in the best way possible.

1) Variety:

Ensure your content doesn’t have the same feel to it. Using a good mix of shares, images, videos and information, along with promotional posts will pique your audience’s interest more than sticking to a standard type of post.

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2) Call to action:

Driving clicks through to your website or an app with a call to action is a good way to generate engagement. Offering an incentive to do so can also have a positive impact.

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3) Originality:

Creating interesting, relevant, and  original posts is a great way to ensure you are providing your audience with informative content they will appreciate, and will drive them to engage with your brand.

4) Timely content:

If you know your audience will be interested in a particular event or game, for example, sharing posts or articles about it is a good way to keep your audience returning to your page.

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5) Facebook apps:

Using Facebook apps is always a positive way to drive engagement, such as running a competition. Apps also generally provide a higher level of statistics about a campaign than would otherwise easily be TKTKT so they are a great way to keep track of engagement levels.

6) Out and about:

Uploading content to your Facebook page shouldn’t be something that is done strictly from the office. If you’re out and about often, you run the risk of missing important or trending conversations while you’re ignoring your page.

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7) Check your posts:

Often, the most engagement happens quickly after content is posted so remember to check your posts and be ready to answer any questions, or engage with your fans as they post comments or thoughts on your content.

8) Schedule posts:

If you know when your audience is online the most, and it’s not within normal business hours, it’s a great idea to schedule content to post over the weekend or in the evenings so you’re not missing out on engaging fans at these times. This is easily done by clicking the clock icon under the status update.

9) Know what works:

If you’re lacking in inspiration, it’s a good idea to have a look at how other brands are successfully using Facebook to their advantage. Here’s a list of the companies Facebook thinks are the best – the winners of the 2013 Facebook Studio Awards.

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10) Facebook Insights:

If you don’t know what’s working for your page, it is hard to improve. Facebook Insights provides a high level of detail about individual posts so you can see which content is the most engaging.

What works best for your business? Do you know any brands that use Facebook well?