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Matboard the new Pinterest?

You’ve probably heard of Matboard by now. And if you’ve not, let me explain this amazing new social networking site to you shortly.

Matboard is a new neworking site created by Phillip and his wife Natalia. Philip had this idea for a couple of years now but decided to put it into action this year.  The mission of Mattboard is to give creators easy access to graphic design, print design, collateral materials, posters, ads, packaging, stationery, logos, magazine design, infographics, outdoor advertising, direct marketing, illustration, typography, vintage design, application and iOS design, web design, and photography.

On first impression it may look a lot like Pinterest, but when you look further in to it there are many differences. Where Pinterest is made for everyone, Matboard’s target audience is much more specific. Matboard’s focus lies on creators and professionals who don’t want to look at recipes, food and clothing to find the perfect design, picture or illustration. Matboard is created for professionals and will only show what professionals want to see, like typography and vintage designs.
Another difference between Pinterest and Matboard is the layout of the website. The design of Matboard is a lot more clean, they only use black and white. In Matboard you can search in Pictures & Video’s or you just type something into the search box. It’s also very easy to follow work & designers you like and to access them at any time.


When I first looked at Pinterest it didn’t really make sense to me until I dove into it, Matboard is pretty clear from the first  moment you arrive on the site. They kept a really simple lay out and color scheme and I think it definitely worked out for them.  Of course there is an option to log in with your Facebook & Twitter account to share what you’ve found with all your friends and family; just like Pinterest.

For sure Matboard looks a lot like pinterest. But if you are a creator or professional looking to find good inspirational stuff without looking through things you could care less about, Matboard is definitely the right place for you.