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7 Key Tips To Creating The Perfect Landing Page

Creating a landing page that hits the mark can be tricky.  Here we will cover the types of landing pages and some of the key elements to consider when creating the perfect landing page.

What’s A Landing Page?

Simply put a landing page is a web page set up as an entry point for visitors.  They are generally used as a standalone page for a specific single objective.  They are often set up for a specific objective and linked to a cost-per-click advertising campaign.

There are two main types of landing page:

1. Click Through Landing Page: A page designed to draw the visitor into the sales funnel any encourage them to click through to get closer to a purchasing decision.



2. Lead Generation Landing Page: These are often designed to offer something to the visitor in return for them completing a form.  The data acquired can then be used to communicate marketing with the visitor in the future. 


Key Elements Of A Good Landing Page

  1. Get To The Point: A landing page should be succinct in delivering its purpose and benefit to the visitor.  The heading should match what was clicked and the subheading should provide more information.



2. Clear Call-To-Action Buttons: Put your conversion buttons in prominent space with direct instructions.

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3. Emphasis on the Benefits: Use formatting of fonts in italics, bold, colour and size to draw attention to the key benefits that will entice the visitor to take the desired action.

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4. Keep It Above The Fold: Provide the essential information and conversion points without the browser having to scroll beyond the top of the page.

5. Include Images: Be sure to include images that relate to and convey what is on offer.

6. Remove distracting links: Only include links that relate directly to guiding the customer to the specific objective. Remove navigation links that could move the visitor away from the conversion point.

7. Add logos to build trust: Include company logos a well as indicators to encourage trust in the landing page.



Do you think a landing page could work for your business?  If so please get in touch with Creative People to discuss landing pages in more detail?