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4 Ways To Automate Emails For Maximum Effect

With the continuous development of digital marketing channels and strategies many have asked the question of the relevancy of email within the digital mix.  The reality is these developments have served to enhance the importance to email marketing.

One way that technology has helped to advance the effectiveness of email marketing is the function of email automation.

Email Automation

Email automation involves setting up automated emails based on specific behaviour or action, for example signing up to a list or an anniversary of an event. 

These customised emails can then be sent to individual subscribers based on their particular action and preferences. 

Examples of what could trigger an email could be:

Subscriber Welcome: When a subscriber joins the email list a newsletter could be sent out welcoming them to the club.  The email could contain information on what messages the subscriber can expect to receive, a checklist of their preferences and a welcome offer.

Follow up on website activity: Emails can be triggered to tailor the content based on what areas of your website a subscriber uses.  For instance if a subscriber had viewed a page relating to a budgeting planning service, an email could be triggered to send them more detailed information and a call to sign up.

Once a subscriber has become a customer:  An email that follows up a customer’s purchase provides the opportunity for feedback relating to the purchase to be received.  

An email relating to an anniversary date: This email could be trigger to relate to an upcoming regular service renewal.  Alternatively emails could be automated to contact the subscriber after a certain amount of time without a purchase to see if the customer is satisfied with the product provide an opportunity to resell to them. 


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Each of these automated emails would require thought and development to ensure they effectively convey the right message to the customer at the right time. 

However once in place automated emails can be an incredibly effective way of creating a continuous sales cycle that produces great returns on time invested.  

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