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Weekly Wrap: 19th January 2015

In this week's wrap we take a look at Facebook's new 'Facebook At Work' app, the demise of the first incarnation of the Google Glass and Pinterest's Promoted Pin's rollout.  

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Facebook At Work

Techcrunch reports that Facebook has launched 'Facebook At Work' designed to create a dedicated work account to keep it seperate from your personal account.  For an employee to use Facebook At Work, the company must setup a Facebook At Work account.  The Facebook At Work app is available via the iTunes store.


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Google removes Google Glass from the market

Google announces it is withdrawing the original Google Glass but has plans for its 2nd version

Adweek discusses why Google Glass is in need of an overhaul.  And ABC News takes a look at the short history of the product


LinkedIn is developing two new functions to connect current co-workers

In contrast to the LinkedIn's main perceived functions designed to find new work, these new functions will serve to connect employers and employees within their current workplace.


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Pinterest rolls out Promoted Pins 

Pinterest has been trialling Promoted Pins and is now ready to make it available to any user wanting to increase their exposure on the image bookmarking platform.  Promoted Pins will appear alongside other pins with a 'Promoted Pin' disclaimer at the bottom of the pin.

Promoted Pins will work on cost per re-pin basis thereby ensuring advertising costs are only incurred for a high level of engagement ie. users activiely re-pinning a post.


And some articles of interest...

Mobile Commerce in 2015 via TechCrunch

The sharing economies impact on marketing

Econsultancy discusses marketing trends in the era of partial attention 

Rival networks gain more users, but Facebook gets the most attention


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