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Weekly wrap: 23rd February 2015

This weeks weekly wrap covers Facebook's new Product ads, Twitter's Tweetdeck Teams and YouTube Kids as well as some digital marketing articles of interest.


Facebook Introduces Product Ads

Facebook announced this week the launch of Product Ads as a solution for businesses looking to promote some or all of their products across the range of devices their customers use.

Product ads can be designed to suit different stages of the customer journey, from discovery through to purchase.



Facebook Legacy Contact's

Facebook has enabled users to nominate a legacy contact to be able to manage users accounts once they die.  

Legacy contacts will be able to:

  • Write a post to display at the top of the memorialized Timeline (for example, to announce a memorial service or share a special message)
  • Respond to new friend requests from family members and friends who were not yet connected on Facebook
  • Update the profile picture and cover photo
  • Download a copy of the users photos, updates and information

Alternatively people will be able to have their Facebook account permenantly deleted.


Tweetdeck Teams for shared Twitter access  

Twitter has launched Tweetdeck Teams to enable users to share accounts without sharing passwords.  Teams can create Admin and Contributor accounts for easy collaboration on Twitter feeds.


Snapchat update allows you to record video while playing music 

An update to Snapchat has made it possible for users to record video without stopping music they are listening to.  This update reduces the need for a secondary source for recording audio.  Update available only for iOS at this stage.


YouTube Kids App to launch 

YouTube is set to launch a kid friendly app this week.  According to The Verge "YouTube Kids will offer original episodes of TV shows aimed at youngsters from child centric channels on YouTube"

You Tube _Kids _Screenshot .0


Digital news articles of interest:

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