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Weekly Wrap: 16th February 2015

This week's digital wrap takes a look at Google's new .How domain, Pinterest's planned Buy buttons, Facebook's relevancy scores and some handpicked digital news articles.


Facebook Relevancy Scores for Adverts

Facebook will begin to show relevancy scores as a visible metric to give advertisers an insight into how well the ads they create are being served to the right audience.


Improved features for Facebook Sale Groups

New features will be added to Facebook's Sale Groups enabling users to list something for sale when creating a post.  They will now also be able to add a description to what you’re selling, include a price and set a pick-up/delivery location.  This will be interesting to see if it can rival the likes of eBay & TradeMe.

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Google Launches New .How Domain

Google has set up a new domain .How an online space designed to be "an intuitive way for creators and consumers to share, identify and discover some of the best learning content on the web."


Pinterest Set To Introduce Buy Buttons 

A report by suggests that Pinterest is looking to include Buy buttons enabling users to purchase goods they find on Pinterest without leaving the company's website or app.

Twitter Testing Multiple Photo Display Layouts 

According to Twitter is looking at ways users can include multiple photos as a mosaic in their tweets.


Twitter has also updated the way users exit out of images viewed from their feed.  Up until now you would tap an image to make it disappear, now a swipe will remove the image.

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Instagram Auto-Loops Video 

In a move that will appeal to advertisers, Instagram videos will now loop continously.  Instagram recently added the 15 second video capability to its features but is aiming to give advertisers more views for their adverts with this new feature.  


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