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Getting brand exposure on Snapchat

Snapchat has in it's brief lifetime attracted a lot of attention as a developing social media platform to take notice of.  As it matures the network is looking to ways it can leverage it's platform for marketers.  

So can Snapchat be of use to your brand? 

In this post we'll discuss Snapchat's unique characteristics and how it could be useful in helping your brand reach it's audience.


Reaching Millenials

Snapchat may be seen as a relatively small platform in terms of users, however it’s users are noticeably skewed towards the Millennial demographic.  Millennials are described as a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.  So if this is an audience you’re looking to engage with, Snapchat could very well be worth considering.



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What is different about Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a photo and image sharing mobile app with one key difference, the photos you send disappear after seconds of their viewing.  Users can also add captions and draw on their ‘Snaps’ to add context.  More detail on the basic functions is available over at Snapchat.


So how can we use Snapchat for brands?

 1.    As a preview of an upcoming product

Snaps can help to create anticipation of products your business is set to release.  Previews can create excitement for upcoming products with potential for exclusive pre-orders available to Snapchat users.


2. Creating a contest

Contests involving customer interaction in return for giveaways are a good way of increasing engagement and followers for your Snapchat account.  A contest that involves followers snapping themselves with your product will help to reinforce the brand connection. 

Contests can be shared on other social channels to maximise follower’s participation.  Remember people don’t use one channel in isolation, they often use several at a time.


3.    Offer a custom coupon for timely redemption

The time limit on Snaps created one of the first Snapchat campaigns by US yoghurt chain 16 Handles.  They asked for photos of customers with their yoghurt in return for a discount code that had to be opened in store. 



4. Expressing the personality of the brand

Behind the scenes photos or videos can show the personality of the people within the company, making for a more human connection with your customers.

Add to your snaps quirky drawings to express the sense of humour and culture of your company. 

New Orleans NFL team The Saints has been using Snapchat to give their users  some behind the scenes snaps including team huddles and training runs.

Brees _huddle (1) 


5.    Creating Snap Stories.

Snap stories are a series of snaps connected as a video that remain viewable throughout a 24-hour period.   This feature can be used by brands to document convey a message across a series of snaps. 

US online food delivery service Grub Hub created a snap story to challenge its followers to a scavenger hunt or Snaphunt.