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Optimising For Search Ranking

Apparently there is a list of 200 Google search ranking factors.  Whether this is myth or not there is a exstensive number of actions you can take to improve the way Google ranks your website. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of using techniques and tactics to improve the search page ranking of one's site within search engine results for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Here we will cover some of the current key ways you can contibute to an improved website ranking for relevant searches.

User Friendliness

Google recently announced it was adjusting it's search algorhythm to give higher ranking signal to mobile responsive websites.  This is part of an overall move towards rewarding websites that make it easy for users to browse a site.  Keeping in mind user experience when building a website's navigation layout as well as page loading speed will help to give Google a good search signal.


Proximity to search

Making sure your content reflects where you are located is going to help your business rank for the types of services and products that focus on serving a local client base.  Including your City in Title tags, Image Tags will be an effective search signal for local searches.



Content Is Always King

The content of your website is always important for telling Google that your webpage is a top quality source for information for the relevant keywords for your site.

Content should:

- be consistently updated, like a blog or news page.

- be represented by a unique Title that describes what the page is about.

- be of interest to visitors that find your page through keyword search to signal to Google that it is good search result. 

Quality Links To Website

When people link to your website either directly by placing a link on their website or indirectly through social shares, it signals to Google that your content is engaging and should be ranked according to the keywords it contains.  This refers back to making sure your content is a quality source of information.