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10 tips for improving your company LinkedIn page

Last year LinkedIn turned 10. Over the past decade it has developed into a crucial tool for job seekers, recruiters and more recently, companies.

LinkedIn is still often overlooked by businesses in favour of other more fashionable social networks with more buzz and active users.

But LinkedIn, with its professional focus, is the ideal platform for reaching out to an audience that is genuinely interested in what you have to share. 

A recent article by Chris Reed on posed the question: “What is more engaging and important, your website or your company’s LinkedIn page?”

Reed recommends your LinkedIn page wins, based purely on the numbers: 300 million people offers great potential for reaching out to business-focused users.

With that in mind, here’s a checklist of practical tips to help enhance your company’s LinkedIn profile page:


1. Appoint a LinkedIn “champion”

Task a team member with generating content for the LinkedIn page.  Ensure key stakeholders give guidance on the appropriateness of content to its target audience.  Members of the team should be encouraged to suggest relevant content to be shared.

2. Follow relevant pages and groups

Make sure your LinkedIn editor is following related industry LinkedIn groups, clients and complementary businesses to get relevant updates.  Regularly check these areas for opportunities to participate in discussion and share content with your network.

3. Develop a series of posts around a theme.

Break larger ideas into bite sized parts to make them more digestible.   Keeping the post simple makes it easier for the audience to take away key points.

4. Include LinkedIn in your content planner

Look to share relevant content once per day and interact in related group discussions.  Use a planner to ensure regular updates but be flexible to timely events.

5.  Create compelling updates to maximise engagement

Share content with a clear and compelling call to action with a headline that conveys the main point of the update.  Include images, videos and questions to increase audience engagement.

6. Cross-promote your LinkedIn page

Use other social media channels to let people know about your LinkedIn page and vice-versa share content from blogs and Facebook onto LinkedIn.

7. Mix up your content to check audience interactions with certain topics

Change up the update topics, measuring engagement and refining based on what works.

8. Share the company LinkedIn link

Include LinkedIn links in company email signatures, on company website as well as LinkedIn share buttons on blog posts to encourage interaction with page and amplification beyond your direct network.

9. Optimise your profile section

Include appropriate keywords relating to your company skill sets, this will help to optimise your page for search engines.

10. Showcase your Company’s portfolio

Use LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages to feature specific products and services.  Here you can share aspects of your business that followers are particularly interested in.


LinkedIn is continually developing its functions to improve the interactions between like-minded professionals.  Keeping these tips in mind will help make the most of this social channel.

Does your company regularly use LinkedIn?  What tips do you have for getting the most out of it?