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Weekly wrap: what’s hot in digital

This week we take a look at Facebook’s relaunch of it’s advertising system Atlas, Google’s extension of dynamic remarketing and Twitter’s new developer platform ‘Fabric’ 


Facebook relaunch Atlas its ad-serving and measurement platform 

Last week saw Facebook relaunch it’s cross platform advertising solution.  Atlas has been rebuilt to  “tackle today’s marketing challenges, like reaching people across devices and bridging the gap between online impressions and offline purchases.”

Check out our blog post here for more insight.


Facebook admits it made a mistake with its research approach

Facebook is updating the way they do research.  As they say, “We’re committed to doing research to make Facebook better, but we want to do it in the most responsible way.”

This change comes on the back of criticism of its method’s in conducting research on people’s reaction to positive posts from friends.  They’ve developed a new framework to guide it’s future research work.  This framework is viewable here on their blog. 


Slideshare iOS8 update

Continuing on the recent platform updates, Slideshare has unveiled sme upcoming features for iOS8.   The new features includes QuickType, Interactive Notifications, intelligent spotlight, improved messaging, Location sharing.


Twitter ‘Fabric’ Platform hopes to win back developers

Twitter appears to be trying to lure back developers to its platform with the introduction of ‘Fabric’.  Fabric will allow developers access to its API for Apps.  As The Information reports this will enable Twitter to “boost its nascent ad-network revenue stream, gain a new source of revenue, and hook more users into its own app.”


Dynamic remarketing now available to advertisers across all verticals

Google will now allow dynamic remarketing across all its vertical searches.

Vertical searches are Google’s specialised searches such as Maps, Images or Video.  They believe the dynamic remarketing will help more advertisers drive better results from their campaigns.

“AdWords Dynamic Remarketing now works for all verticals, including hotels, flights, real estate, classifieds, jobs, auto, finance and education. Here are some examples of beautiful customized dynamic ads across different business categories”


Instagram embeds to be larger and clearer

Embedded Instagrams will begin to look bigger and clearer thanks to changes to the way they appear on the web.   These changes are, a narrower edge,  larger image and the inclusion of a follow button above the image.


Phhhoto App

Phhhoto is an App that shoots instant, moving pictures for social sharing.  Born out of the developers idea for a GIF-like photo booth the App strings together four successive photos to form a moving image.     Available here

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