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7 Tips To Enhance Your Twitter Game

Twitter has had a dramatic ride on it’s way to being the 2nd ranked social media site behind the behemoth that is Facebook.

With users topping 310 million as of September 2014, it has shown itself to be a valuable platform for businesses to reach their current customers and attract others.

Twitter however has its own specific features that when used properly can be highly effective.  Twitter is also developing some key enhancements that when put into practice will no doubt prove to be useful to companies wanting to embark on the Twitter ride or those wanting to get into the fast lane.

So here goes a wrap of the current best practice tips for Twitter:



1. Keep Tweets under 140 characters

Keeping tweets around the 100 character make increases engagement.  The reason being that it leaves room for followers to add their commentary.  Making it easier to add text, rather than having to delete text makes it much more likely to get tweets retweeted.


2. Twitter engagement is highest between daytime hours

Knowing when your followers are online and therefore most active is essential for giving you the maximum chance to get your messages to them.  This is generally considered to be daytime hours.  Tweriod is a great tool that can provide graphs on when your followers are online.  And don’t forget Twitter is 24/7 so use it on weekends for added engagement.


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3. Include images, videos and links 

Including rich media stands out in the text heavy Twitter feed and is many more likely to attract engagement.   According to a report based on SHIFT data, tweets with images receive 5 times the engagement at half the cost per engagement.  Just remember to check that images are displaying correctly in your feed.



4. Retweets, Hashtags and Calls To Action

Simply asking for a retweet can get a positive response, however be selective as it can wear thin if requested repeatedly.

Hashtags are a useful way of increasing your exposure to people browsing by hashtag or search.  But tag relevantly and avoid hijacking a hashtag purely to ride on it’s popularity.

Include words that evoke a Call To Action to entice retweets or interaction.  For example follow, check, help.



5. Use Twitter Analytics to Identify Best Performing Tweets

Twitter recently updated it’s inbuilt analytics tools and made it available to all users (provided they setup an advertisers account).  Now users can get detailed metrics on how their communications are performing.  Twitter Analytics are available by logging into your account at

On the new dashboard users can get stats on their engagement for Tweets, replies and promoted tweets.  There are three main metrics, Impressions (the number of users that view your tweet), Engagements (the number of link clicks, retweets, follows and replies) and engagement rates (number of engagements divided by impressions)

These metrics are then averaged to provide a benchmark for which you can compare tweet performances on going.

Another useful part on the dashboard is a Followers Interests list and a list of the Top 10 Accounts your followers follow.  These two lists are very useful for identifying the type of content that is likely to generate the best engagement with your audience.


6. Create Twitter Lists

Lists are a curated list of Twitter users allowing you to view a stream of only tweets from the users on the list.  These lists can be set up as either public or private.  This is useful for when you are wanting to interact with a specific set of users based on interests, events or industries.

As a company account it is often advised that you create private lists of your competitors to keep an eye on them for inspiration or ideas.


7. Tools for Twitter 

There have been plenty of useful tools developed for Twitter (many of them free to use).  Here are a few Twitter tools to assist in getting the most out of your efforts.

-       Tweriod: analyses when your users are most active on Twitter

-       ManageFlitter: segments users by a range of criteria including; inactive, location and whether they follow you back

-       Tweetdeck: A tool for real-time tracking, organising and engagement.

Check out a list of 59 free twitter tools over at BufferSocial