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Weekly wrap: what’s hot in digital

This week’s wrap checks out the revamped Google Calendar & Gmail “Inbox” app, Facebook’s update to the news feed and how Tinder has inspired a Job Search app.

Facebook gives you more control of your News Feed

This week Facebook made improvements to its News Feed that let users decide “who you want to connect to, and what Pages and public figures you want to follow.”  The new functionality includes:

Quickly Unfollow and re-follow people, Pages and Groups

Facebook settings will now include a summary of the top people, pages and groups from your feed in the last week.  You can simply unfollow any friend, group or page to stop seeing them in your feed.  You can also see a list of your unfollows to easily refollow them.

Ability to give feedback about your News Feed

By clicking the arrow in the top right of any post you can choose to see less for a person or unfollow them altogether.  You can easily refollow them at a later date.

NZ Leukaemia & Blood Cancer raises funds with Google Search

Local charity, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer (LBC) has launched a fundraising campaign that uses people’s search queries to raise funds for its foundation.  For each search at it’s website the Google generated ads contribute a few cents to the LBC.  So why not set it as your homepage and search for a good cause.

Tinder inspires Job Search App nspHire

Tinder’s swipe based API has inspired a new job search app nspHire (pronounced “inspire”).  nspHire uses LinkedIn and Tinder API’s to match job seekers with recruiters.  Job seekers can create a simplified profile page with job history, skills and education for which recruiters can swipe for their preferred candidates.  Likewise job seekers can swipe through preferred job descriptions.  When a match is made both parties are connected for further communications.




Gmail’s Inbox App + revamped Google Calendar

Google recently launched it’s new email app Inbox.  It’s aim is to update it’s inbox functionality to deal with today’s constant barrage of emails.  It also serves as a task manager to help organise your work flow to maximum effect.  Here are the main functions it brings to your smart phone:


Bundles messages that belong together

Inbox will bundle together emails into logical order.  Predetermined bundles are Promos, Purchases and Travel.  You can also create your own specific bundles to suit your needs.


Highlights key information at a glance

Inbox will show you the key information without having to open the email fully.  See itinerary or purchase details at a glance.


Manage your To Do’s

Create To Do lists on the go with the “Remind Me To” box at the top of your inbox.  Reminders can be set for specific times and delayed using the snooze function.


 New and improved Google Calendar

New functions added to the Google Calendar App are designed to make planning your day easier particularly using our mobile devices.  New features include, create event from emails automatically, assisted suggestions to save time and improved layout to view your schedule.  The video below details the improved functions.





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