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Weekly wrap: 17th November 2014

This week in the digital world, Facebook and Intstagram introduce a bunch of updates, Uber set to announce a partnership with Spotify and Twitter lets us know about some upcoming improvements.

Facebook introduces 'Say Thanks'

Facebook released several updates this pass week including personalised video cards, introduced new terms and conditions and forewarned of changes to reduce the amount of overly promotional page posts in users feeds.

'Says Thanks'

With Say Thanks users can create a personalised video to share with a friend.  The videos can include personalised themes, photos and posts that represent the connection.  Here's an example of how they could look.


Updated Terms and Conditions

Facebook updated their terms and conditions in response to requests for more information about how they get and use information.  The updates are intended to help users take control of their privacy settings and improve the way users site and app visits detrmine the ads they are shown.


Reducing the Overtly Promotional Posts 

Facebook has forewarned of its intention to limit the reach of overtly promotional page posts from January 2015.  The intention being to show more relevant and quality posts to give people the best Facebook experience.  Their guidelines for what they consider overtly promotional are:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

The post below will be included in this overly promotional category.  Facebook page managers will have to develop their social efforts to adapt to the coming changes.


Nf _1113_2


Instagram enables editing & improves discovery function

Instagram has made it possible to edit photo captions after posting them avoiding the annoying autocorrect or spelling mistakes being set in stone.  They have also imptoved the Explore function making it easier to discover you want to follow.  This has been done by the inclusion of a People tab in addition to the Photos tab in the Explore function.


Instagram Explore 


Uber to link with Spotify to allow passengers to choose soundtrack to their journey

Uber is to announce an integration with Spotify enabling passengers to control the music during their cab ride.  Tech Crunch previewed the announcement due this week


Coming soon to Twitter

Twitter has announced it is working on a number of updates due to be rolled out in 2015, including better ways to get "a snapshot of what’s happening", instant personalised timelines for new users and improvements to its direct messages function.


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