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Regan Hall


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May 20, 2014 - Regan Hall
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Weekly wrap: what’s hot in digital this week

This week we find mobile-savvy consumers are lacking in brand loyalty; we look at the high retention rates Pinterest enjoys, find out about Facebook’s latest updates and uncover our apps of the week. Here are our top picks in digital this week:

Brand loyalty (or lack of)

There’s no such thing as loyalty in the smartphone market these days apparently, with new research showing that a majority of both Samsung and iPhone users are unlikely to upgrade to their existing brand’s next flagship device.

For example, 36.7 per cent of iPhone owners said they wouldn’t upgrade to an iPhone 6 when it’s released, compared to the 32 per cent who said they would.

Similarly the majority of Samsung users said they would not consider the new S5 when their contract expires (39 per cent) with just 32 per cent saying they were likely to and 28 per cent saying they were currently undecided.

The findings come from a Qriously survey of more than 2,400 people.

Pinterest’s excellent user retention

RJMetrics has explored 50,000 random Pinterest users and their pins to understand how Pinterest is tracking in terms of engagement, pinners’ aspirations and the future of Pinterest.

Interestingly, it found 80 per cent of pinners are women, and 84 per cent of women are still pinning in their fourth year of membership.

Men however. drop off sharply to 55 per cent in the second year and 50 per cent by the fourth.

Facebook’s Audience Insights

The social giant rolled out a new tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including ‘aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more,’ it claims.

Pinterest’s Paid Test

Pinterest says it’s working with a small group of US brands to roll out a paid test in its search and category feeds. 




And our apps of the week …

Contextly is an app that helps individuals and businesses build audiences via awesome content recommendations.




ReShare gives users the ability to reshare the content they like in a different language.

Litely allows people to add film-inspired tones to photos and ajust, crop, play with the exposure, sharpness, vibrance and vignette of images.