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May 27, 2014 - Regan Hall
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Tailoring Twitter

Twitter’s ‘tailored audiences’ feature was rolled out to the global masses last December and as it turns out it’s a handy tool to know how to use if you’re utilising Twitter as a marketing platform.

The tool allows you to ensure your promoted tweets (paid content) targets certain audiences based on their previous engagement with your website or other online content.


How does it work?

Basically the tool allows you to reach audiences on Twitter who have shown interest in your brand, either on Twitter, or on other online platforms including websites. For example, a ski field operator may want to show their ad, or promoted tweet, to people who have visited a certain page on their website in the last few months. To do this, the ski field operator would need to share their browser-related information (browser cookie ID) with Twitter through an ads partner. That information would then be matched to Twitter accounts and those matched users would see the relevant ad or promoted Tweet.

While the targeting is a lot more specific with this tool, the users who matched remain anonymous to the advertiser, who will still receive the same reports including how many people saw or clicked on an ad without identifying the users who did so.

Getting started 

To use tailored audiences, you’ll need a Twitter Ads account and a Twitter Ads Partner account. Ad partners are the organisations that collect data to identify your target audience. They currently include: Adara,AdRollBlueKaiChangoDataXuDstilleryLotameQuantcastValueClick, and [x+1].

Once you have these two accounts set up, Twitter offers two options to promote your brand; a ‘promoted account’ and ‘promoted tweets’.


Promoted accounts are part of Twitter’s ‘Who to Follow’ application and boost your followers by making suggestions to your target audience.

The second option is promoted tweets, which allows you to show only specific or relevant tweets to a particular audience. Promoted tweets appear at the top of relevant search results pages.


Twitter users can still uncheck the box marked ‘promoted content’ in their privacy settings and their accounts will not be matched to any promoted content. Twitter also says it supports Do Not Track (DNT), so it will not receive browser-related information (a browser cookie ID) from its ads partners for tailoring ads if users have DNT enabled in their browser. The Twitter Help Center has more information about these options.

What do you think? Have you used tailored audiences? Are you considering it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.