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7 videos you must see this week

This week you can watch a parody of the viral video ‘look up’, a bunny eating raspberries, the winner of the Eurovision song Festival and a lot more. Read along and enjoy the 7 videos we’ve collected for you this week.

Look Up
We’ve been waiting for it and it has finally arrived. A parody of the video ‘look up’ which we posted last week.

Winner Eurovision 2014
Austria won this years Eurovision song festival with a very special entry.


If Frozen was a horror movie
How scary can Frozen be, right?


What do kids dream about
Let them explain in this adorable video below


Bunny eating raspberry’s
who doesn’t want to see a cute bunny eating raspberry’s


Tv host almost shoots herself with nail gun
Watch Sarah Harris host of Studio 10 aim a nail gun at herself


Smallest salsa champignons
Kevin Tellez (6) and Beberly Devers (7) dance the salsa like they’s been doing it for years.



We hope you enjoyed reading and especially watching this article.