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Weekly wrap: what’s hot in the digital world

Here’s our top picks in the digital world this week:

See who’s posting

Facebook has added a new feature for page managers. Now, you will be able to see the name of the person who posted - it will appear below the name of your page. On a page comment, the name of the person who commented will also be visible and listed below the comment.

Android tops the charts

Android is now the dominant smartphone operating system worldwide according to the latest statistics from GlobalWebIndex. In 2012, Android had a 27 per cent market share; that jumped to 65 per cent in 2013. And, since 2011, Android use has surged by a whopping 270 per cent.

Secret boards

Pinterest has opened up its ‘secret boards‘ feature, and now users are able to create an unlimited number of the private boards. The boards are designed for users who want to pin to something, but don’t want to reveal their ideas to everyone else.

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Small businesses lagging

According to statistics from Basekit, 91 per cent of small businesses’ websites are not accessible via mobile devices. And, of the more than 500 businesses interviewed in this study, only two-thirds were able to update their own website and only half used social media to promote their business.

Websites and brand perception

A recent study conducted by Peer 1 Hosting found 76 per cent of ecommerce site owners in the US, Canada and the UK believed their customers’ perceptions of their brand were directly impacted by the experience they had on their ecommerce site. As a result, 33 per cent of those interviewed planned to invest significantly in the overall design of their ecommerce sites, and 29 per cent in improving overall user experience.

And, last week Facebook entered an agreement to acquire WhatsApp for $16 billion.

The popular instant messaging service currently sees more than 450 million people active every day. The app, launched in 2009, allows users to send messages for free, worldwide, across the smartphone network.