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Weekly wrap: the top digital trends

This week it’s all about campaigns in the digital world. Here’s the latest in digital this week:

Facebook’s new campaign structure

The social media giant rolled out a new, simpler campaign structure, which Facebook says will ‘make it easier for advertisers of every size to organize, optimize and measure their ads’. Until now, Facebook’s campaign structure had two tiers; campaigns and ads. Now, it is structured over three levels; campaigns, ad sets and ads.

Each campaign can now feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule. You can also organize each ad set to represent audience segments, like people who live near a store, for example. The ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set. Within each ad set, you can have multiple ads, each of which can feature different images, links, video or text. You’ll still control the creative, targeting and bidding at the ad level.

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New targeting features on Facebook

Facebook has begun rolling out improved Core Audiences targeting options (the targeting options built into all Facebook ad buying interfaces) allowing advertisers around the globe to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types: location,demographic, interests and behaviors.

Targeting -options

The year of the social small business

LinkedIn conducted a survey to see how small businesses are using social media, and whether it is worth the investment. What they found was rather interesting:

- 94 per cent of respondents who said they used social media said they used it for marketing

- 3 in 5 respondents said social solves the core business challenge of attracting new customers

- Hyper growth companies said social was even more important; investing in it more than any other channel

To back up their findings, LinkedIn has now also launched the ‘Small Business Microsite‘ – providing tools to learn about how small businesses can reach business goals through social media.