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March 25, 2014 - Mandy
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Web design trends 2014

At the end of last year there were a host of predictions floating around about what the hot trends for web design would be in 2014. We’ve rounded up some of these predictions, and had a look at which ones are already topping the world of web design.

‘Clean design’
While the concept of ‘minimalist design’ may be more familiar to many, it centres on using only essential elements to construct a page.

The slightly different concept of ‘clean design’ is focused on ensuring all elements on a page are placed appropriately. The site is a great example of the concept. It is easy ro navigate and everything appears to sit as it should.

‘Clean design’ is quickly becoming more popular and we’d put money on this concept generating a lot more interest in 2014.

Clean web design



Parallax scrolling
Parallax scrolling, a technique wherein the background appears to move more slowly than the foreground creating a three-dimensional effect as you scroll down a page, is definitely a hot trend this year. If used subtly it’s a great way to provide an element of depth, although overuse can result in a chaotic appearance.

The predictions said we’d see a lot more of parallax scrolling this year, and we already have. Here’s a great example by socialiseproject.

Parallax -scrolling -design


‘Flat design’

‘Flat design’, a concept made popular by Windows 8 and Apple, favours a more simplified design aesthetic.

Like parallax scrolling, flat design took off in 2013, and the concept is still hot in the digital world this year. Personally, I enjoy flat design more than other complex design concepts. Here’s a website that has definitely used ‘flat design’ to its advantage, and not only is it effective in this sense; it’s also a parallax scrolling site. To view the full site click here.

Flat -design


‘Minimalist design’
As we mentioned above, ‘minimalist design’ is all about using only the essential elements. This doesn’t mean you can design a minimalist website by simply removing an ornamentation. It’s about making sure nothing else should be added or moved, and all parts of the design are working perfectly together.

In the example below, there’s nothing that doesn’t belong. It is well set out, striking, and colourful to boot. Click here to visit the website. Just like ‘clean design’, ‘minimalist design’ is quickly getting noticed and we think it will definitely continue its popularity in 2014.

Minimal -web -design


Animated Backgrounds
Animated backgrounds are another big trend developing in web design at the moment. We first saw this type of feature in parallax scrolling websites, but now it’s becoming more and more common for background imagery to move without scrolling.

In the example below, the animation was kept simple – the clock simply ticks. It is smartly done and doesn’t slow the site down. Click here to view the website.

Moving -web -design3


What do you think about these trends? Any favourites? Predictions for the next big thing? We’d love to hear your thoughts.