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All about apps

We’ve come across a few great apps recently. Here’s our top picks:

Zipline for Instragram


We think this is a pretty cool tool. It breaks down tagging trends on Instagram, allowing brands to better understand how consumers discover and relate to their product




This app lets you record a video, send it to a friend, after which you automatically receive a video back with their reaction…




If you’re anything like most of us, the photos in your smart phone probably need a wee tidy up. If so, this is the app for you. It automatically organises your photos by grouping them into albums by time, distance, or type of image. We think it’s worth checking out.



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If you’re posting to multiple social sites, this is the app for you. Designed for iPhone, it allows users to automatically cross-post to various platforms. A great tool if you’re managing various social media platforms.

What new apps have you come across recently? We’d love to hear your thoughts.