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Weekly wrap: what’s hot in digital

This week we look at what people like to share, new social media apps and what chief marketing officers are predicting for the next 5 years in digital.

Time to share

An online survey of more than  six thousand respondents over 16 countries has found that people prefer to share content that is humorous and informative. They also say that they want the things they share to reflect on their personality. When it comes to the mature market more informative and educational content is shared, emerging markets drive conversation by sharing funny or entertaining content.

Digital Age

According to a survey from, Accenture Interactive, chief marketing officers are predicting a digital age. They think that digital will account for more than 75% of their marketing budget over the next 5 years.

Social Media Wrap

Linkedin introduces a new job search app for mobile. The new app provides an one-stop shop for your job searching needs.

Facebook launches its new slingshot app. This way you can share everyday moments with lots op people at once.

Facebook adds new trending bar on iPad. This update will show content on the right-hand side. the new sidebar will include trending topics and videos, links to games you play and popular games you might enjoy.

Snapchat introduces our story. This way when snap chatters are at the same event, they can contribute their snaps to the same story.


New Apps

Snap Centre: Anybody on the planet can start a chat with you with a single click.

Lumosity: Challenge your brain with scientifically designed training

PikiChat: Join your friends’ groups and send pictures incognito.