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July 27, 2014 - Rrgan Hall
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Top tips for marketing on Google+

Google+ is often overlooked when thinking about ways to market your brand online but it can be a powerful tool if used well. So we’ve put together some tips for harnessing the power of this platform in your online campaign. Here’s our top ideas:

Use comments to increase engagement

When a user comments on a post they will then receive a notification every time another person comments on the same post. Utilising this tool is a great way to increase engagement and ensure you’re reaching the right people.

You can also ‘close off’ comments on Google+, and ensure you have the last word on your threads. Closing off comments with an appropriate piece of information about what you’re up to next or something interesting coming up is a way to grab people’s attention, remembering everyone who has commented on the post will get a notification when you do this.

You can also see who has ‘plussed’ the comment, and if they aren’t already, it is a good chance to add people into your circles.


Use Google+ hovercards

While it is always positive to have fresh, engaging content online, another way to grow your audience on Google+ is ensuring you are commenting on other people’s posts.

All Google+ users can scroll over a user’s name anywhere in Google+ and a hovercard will appear. So, add valuable comments to relevant posts, join communities and engage in discussions. Google+ users in these communities can then easily scroll over your name, see your hovercard and add you to circles.


Use images well

Just like other social platforms, ensure you use images to grab your audience’s attention. On Google+ though, it’s worth thinking about the size and orientation of your images. If they are portrait, they will take up significantly more space than landscape images will due to the nature of the site, and will no doubt attract more attention.

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Timing is important

If you’re on a content blitz and find, or create, content you want to share on your Google+ profile, don’t share it all at once. Save it, and schedule it to post at appropriate times. It’s definitely worth thinking about when your audience will be online, and when the information will be relevant to them before sharing or posting information.



Do you use Google+ in your marketing campaign? We’d love to hear what you think.

This post was inspired by content created by Social Media Examiner.