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On the go: blogging from your mobile

If you’re trying to keep your content current and your audience interested, you’ll often find yourself needing to blog while you’re out and about.

Obviously you won’t be writing the most in depth posts while you’re on the go, but often people are more interested in bite-sized chunks of information anyway – it’s no longer just in the Twitterverse where 140 characters is the way to go.

And with an array of apps and features that now allow bloggers the flexibility to post short-form and multimedia content from mobile devices, it isn’t hard to upload frequently from just about anywhere. And it’s more than likely much of your audience is accessing content from a mobile device too.

So, where to start?

WordPress now has themes designed specifically for more frequent, short-form posts. There are also a host of mobile blogging apps that allow you to publish directly from the app you’re working in - WordPress for iOS is one of the best, and for events coverage, CoveritLive is a great way to go.

And then there’s email blogging for WordPress. This is possibly one of the easiest ways to send content direct to your blog. Essentially WordPress provides a unique email address for posts to be sent to. The blog title goes in the email subject line and the body goes into the body of the email. Press send, and your post is published.

Flickr also has a publish by email feature, which allows images to be posted to Flickr and a blog simultaneously.

And video blogging is relatively simple too. While you can upload video content directly from your phone on the WordPress app, you can also embed a video in a post simply by copying the URL from YouTube and pasting it into the body of your post.

Do you post from your mobile device? Have you used any of these apps?