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February 24, 2014 - Regan Hall
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Five ways to improve your Facebook reach

If you’re struggling to get Facebook posts in front of your audience, here are a few ways to make sure your content is seen by those who matter.


But it’s not just about people seeing your posts, you want people to engage with your posts, and as a result, your brand. Here’s our top tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Facebook without paying for reach.

1) Know your content:

Make sure you’ve got a content strategy. People don’t share or like a post just because it’s there. They do so because it has piqued their interest or it’s useful. A good rule is to make sure you’re posting a mix of original content, sharing other pages’ relevant posts, and offering useful information, whether it’s a gardening tip if your brand is in the business of landscaping or a quick post about how to create a beautiful finish when painting your nails if your brand sells cosmetics.

2) Know your fans:

If you’re posting away at 9am each day and your fans are online in the evening, chances are your posts won’t get in front of the right eyes. Facebook Insights tells you when your fans are online. If it turns out your fans are mostly online at 3am, it is easy to write posts when it suits and schedule them to be posted at appropriate times.

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3) Allow people to post on your page:

Letting people post on your page is an easy way to increase your reach. When users post on your page or talk about it, their friends see that activity in their news feed. Often people are worried about negative comments or language being used, but it’s easy to block this sort of content by configuring your account so any posts or comments that include specific keywords are blocked.

4) Run contests:

Captions contests are a great and easy way to generate reach. They often incite a rush of comments, which organically creates reach for your brand.

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5) Talk to your fans:

When your fans comment on your content, respond to them. People like being heard; it is as simple as that! When you do respond to comments, you can choose to reply directly to one user by turning on ‘threaded comments‘, and in doing so, that user will receive a notification, which is a reason for that person to return to your page and read your response. Generally business pages cannot tag fans, but if a fan has commented on a particular update, you can tag them in any further comments you make on that same update or post, which also sends that user a notification.