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7 interesting and funny Facebook pages

Facebook switched from being a place to hang around for fun to more of a habit thing to do during the day. Browsing the internet not knowing what to look for and without realizing you’re looking at your Facebook newsfeed….. again.

For these moments we found some really interesting and funny Facebook pages. You can look at them when you find yourself bored at work, a day off or just when you’ve got nothing better to do!


You either love this page or hate it. It’s a page that just posts funny things about god. They post the funniest memes that have something to do with god. Have a look and find out if you’re a lover or a hater of this page.


Accidental Chinese hipsters

Accidental Chinese Hipsters is actually my favorite although it doesn’t have as many likes as some of the others. People send in their pictures and as you can see it gives the best results. When you scroll you just find one funny picture after the other. It’s a joy to look at and an easy way to kill some time.


A girls guide to taking over the world

This is an inspirational page that celebrates the women who have fought to change the world we live in. Just because it’s a pro-women page doesn’t make it anti-man. A girls guide to taking over the world posts pictures with the story of women who did something to change the world they live in.


Awkward family photos


What’s fun about this page is that we can all relate to it. We all have the awkward family photos that you find when looking back in old photo albums. Send yours in or scroll through the page and find one awkward photo after the other.


Texts from last night


We all know it by either receiving one or being the one sending it. This is a page that will leave you in tears of laughing. Reading embarrassing stories of others is always a good way to pass your time. They post mostly multiple times a day.


I fucking love science

This is the one with the most likes, which means a lot of people love science. You can find all the answers to questions you ask yourself during the day or just funny facts you didn’t know about. They post frequently and they always post about things that happened that day.


The idealist

The description this page gives you is ‘One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.’ –JFK. This tells you exactly what this page is about. They post inspiring quotes, memes and inspiring things that happened that week.


Please share the interesting funny Facebook pages you have found, we would love to have a look at them.