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This week our wrap of digital includes an anti-jet lag app, the hot days for finance advertising, and photo sharing. Here’s our top trends:

Reddit soars

User-generated news site Reddit continues to grow at staggering pace. In March 2014 the site received 350 million visits, compared to March 2013 in which it saw 87 million visits globally.

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Weekends hot for finance

According to a survey from RocketFuel, weekends are the best time for financial services ad campaigns, with consumers more likely to convert on Saturdays (+16%) and Sundays (+30%). The survey of 2,300 ads last month found consumers were also more likely to convert late at night, and consumers were eight per cent more likely to click on a credit card ad that featured a human face.

Carousel by Dropbox

Dropbox launched its new app for backing up and organising photos this week, which pulls all images from a Dropbox account and camera roll, and creates an interactive timeline and camera roll with photos grouped into events. Carousel is available for Android and iOS.

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Preventing jet lag

Entrain, an app developed by scientists at the University of Michigan, teaches you how to prevent jet lag before embarking on a trip. Available only for iOS at this stage, we think this is a fairly cool app!

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A LinkedIn mystery

LinkedIn has big plans for mobile this year, but exactly what they are remains a mystery. The professional networking company has “more apps planned” for 2014 — with one of them coming in the “not too distant future.” That app, the company’s fifth, could arrive in the next few weeks.

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Reddit trends

Reddit added a trending section to its main page on Friday, which drives more traffic to smaller communities, know as subreddits. The trending section will contain SFW (safe for work) subreddits only. And what defines a trending subreddit? That’s still unknown — on purpose.