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Mobile takes on television (and all other media)

As time spent on traditional media such as television declines, the growth of mobile devices continues to surge. Last year, time spent online surpassed time spent watching television among American adults for the first time, driven primarily by mobile. This year, mobile usage is expected to rise by another 23 per cent. 

According to the latest research by eMarketer, adults in the US still spend more time watching telly than with any other single medium – that is an average of four hours and 28 minutes every day expected in 2014, down from 2013 but by only three minutes.

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But, combining online and mobile devices, eMarketer predicts US adults will spend an average of five hours and 46 minutes with digital media, which takes digital to over an hour more than television.

This year, it is forecast adults in the US will spend 23 per cent more time on mobile devices than they did in 2013. While streaming television through mobile devices accounts for a small percentage of this time-spent-with-mobile figure, social media has large part to play also. Social media usage has recently switched to majority mobile use, with more than half of all social media use occurring via a smartphone, with tablets following closely behind.

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Interestingly though, despite the growing percentage of time spent on mobile devices, advertising are not necessarily following suit.  According to eMarketer, print still commands the most ad dollars. This year, US advertisers are expected to spend just ten cents per adult per hour spent on digital media, compared to almost $1 of print ads.