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Digital to equal one quarter of 2014 global ad spend

According to the latest statistics from eMarketer, worldwide digital ad spending will reach $137.53 billion in 2014, which is equal to approximately one quarter of total global media ad spending.

The latest eMarketer forecasts show digital ad spending will jump 14.8 per cent on the 2013 figure, and by the end of 2018 it is set to jump to around one-third of the global ad spend.

The United States market spends the largest single spender on digital advertising, with nearly two-in-five digital ad dollars coming from the North America region this year. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 28.6 per cent of the global digital ad spend, with Western Europe the other big digital spender; nearly one-quarter of digital ad spending comes from this region. All other regions make up a small proportion of the global digital ad spend.

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While digital ad spending continues to soar over the next few years, eMarketer forecasts that by 2018 total media spending will reach $656.3 billion, maintaing a significantly lower annual growth of about five per cent.

According to ZenithOptimedia’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, mobile advertising is growing at six times the rate of desktop internet advertising, and it expects mobile to grow at a rate of 50 per cent per year until 2016. This is in contrast to desktop advertising, which is expected to grow at just eight per cent per year.

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“Advertisers are gaining in confidence as the world economy returns to stable growth,” said Steve King, ZenithOptimedia’s CEO, Worldwide. “They will find plenty of opportunities to generate strong returns on their advertising investment in the fast‐growing digital media.”

More detailed forecasts are available at and