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September 09, 2013 - Clare Chapman
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Enter Now: Facebook’s new promotions rules

If you’ve got something to give away, a prize to draw, or a product to promote, it has just got easier to get your competition underway on Facebook.

A couple of weeks ago the site changed its policy on promotions, allowing business pages to run promotions straight from their timeline, as opposed to only using third party apps to run a competition.

Facebook considers a promotion something that includes an element of chance, entry or registration, or a giveaway or prize.

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So what are the nuts and bolts of the changes?

-                Business page admins can now run competitions straight from the page’s timeline

-                Admins can ask users to like, comment on, or message the page to go into a draw

-                It is now prohibited to ask users to tag themselves in an image they are not depicted in

-                As before, promotions must be run from business pages only, not on personal timelines

-                Users cannot be asked to share a post on their timeline to enter a competition, or to share     a post on a friend’s timeline

How is this different from before?

-                Prior to the policy change, promotions could only be run on a business page by using a third party app

This means, instead of taking the time to use an app to set up a promotion, it can be done in a few seconds by uploading an image or writing a post and posting it to the page’s timeline.

Although it’s quick, easy and effective, the disadvantage of using timelines to run a competition is the lack of data; most third party apps collect data as users enter or take part in the promotion. So, if you’re using the timeline to run promotions, you’ll have to gather any data you need yourself.

But, businesses can still use apps, and run competitions from the timeline concurrently. Running promotions from a page’s timeline will no doubt provide more benefit to smaller businesses, while larger corporations may prefer to continue using apps, and have easy access to data collection