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The best of digital

The 2013 Mashies provided a wealth of inspiration in the winners and finalists of its awards programme, which celebrates the best in digital across marketing, advertising and social media.

Winners of the American programme were announced in New York last month. Here’s a selection of some of the highlights.

smart USA won the Best use of Facebook category with its ‘Tag Your Own Adventure’ campaign.

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The smart car company used Facebook to launch a digital tagging campaign that saw the users tags, or votes, determining the car’s next adventure. The campaign asked users to flip through a series of still images in an album on Facebook, effectively turning into an animation as the user moved through the images.

Uniqlo won the Best use of Pinterest category with its scrolling campaign. The visual campaign, which allowed users to scroll down and view a series of interrelated images that become animated in the style of an old film strip when viewed together, was created by a team of more than 12 people who simultaneously pinned rows of graphics. Watch the video below.

Heineken won the Twitter category with its #Emojibandnames campaign in which it created images of emoticons that represented names of bands. The company asked users to guess the names of the bands to win tickets to a music festival.

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Best social media campaign was taken out by Human Rights Campaign, who spurred nearly three million Facebook users to change their profile photo to a red adaptation of their normal logo. More details here.

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Digital marketing innovator of the year went to a Coca-cola campaign ‘Move to the beat of London’, in which teens across 52 countries created 3.5 million personalised versions of a track that was used to build the Global Beat. Watch the result below.


The full list of the 2013 Mashies finalists and winners is available here.

Have you thought about incorporating anything innovative into your digital strategy? We’d love to hear about it if you have.