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Smart packaging designs

We recently found a lot of really smart packaging designs and wanted to share them with you. Look at the designs below and tell us what you think. 


Fast Food Packaging

Seuilbe Kim designed a new way to package Fast Food. It’s a clever way to carry your fries, hamburger and drink all at the same time. 



Saturday Mfg designed this really cute oven-looking packaging for cookies. This way the cookies can be delivered hot out of the oven.



Hardware Packaging
Whoever comes up with a way to make nails look good is brilliant. Melissa Archer seems to have nailed it.



Scratch is a healthy and easy way to make your food. All you have to do is read the recipes then put the ingredients together in the right order as everything is already sliced.



Parmasan Pencils
The agency Kolle Rebbe found a really effortless way of grating your cheese. You just have to sharpen your pencil.



Gasapanino has come up with a really smart way to package sandwiches. No more plastic wrappers and they come in small, medium and large.

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As you can see there is always a way to re-invent something that already exists  You just have to think out of the box. Do you have any creative packaging ideas ?