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February 22, 2013 - Mandy
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Top 10 things businesses shouldn’t share on Facebook

A lot of Businesses make the same mistakes over and over again. So here are the top 10 things you shouldn’t share on your businesses Facebook.

#1 Fighting with fans

This is maybe the worst thing you can do on Facebook, fighting with your fans; it will make you look bad. If somebody posts something negative on your Facebook page, try to react professionally and if you can’t handle it this way, try a more personal approach, but definitely not through Facebook.


#2 Spamming with posts

Stop Spam

If you don’t like to get spammed, your friends won’t like it either. Make sure you don’t overdo it, but make sure your Facebook doesn’t look like a ghost city either. Just post regularly and post fun and interesting stuff your fans will like.


#3 Personal Information

Don’t share your personal information on Facebook. It’s your business page not your personal one. So don’t put your address, phone number or personal e-mail address on there, only your business ones.


#4 Social plans and photo’s

Just like the personal information, you shouldn’t post social plans and photo’s. These are things you put on your personal Facebook account. They don’t have anything to do with what you are eating or what your plans are for this weekend. Try not to mix your business life with your personal one.


#5 Not following the guidelines

Yes, Facebook has guidelines and you will have to follow them. They have guidelines for timeline photos, contests and content. You can’t just promote or sell anything you want via Facebook, there are rules in life and there will be rules on Facebook.


#6 Ignoring fans

As well as fighting with your fans, ignoring them isn’t good either. If a fan makes the effort to contact you on Facebook, you should make the effort of reacting too. You have a Facebook page for a reason and one of them is staying in contact with your fans.


#7 Leaving Url’s in your status updates

It will look really unprofessional. It isn’t that hard, anyone can do it. But you will have to do it; otherwise it will look really messy and disorganized.


#8 Not filling out your page completely

Facebook -new -page

Make sure all your business information is on your Facebook page. Nobody wants to search hours for your information. It should be there waiting for them to see it and click on it. Everything they need to know about your business should bee on the page.


#9 No liking your own post

We know you like your own post, you posted it.


#10 Not personalizing the page

Sometimes your Facebook page is the first impression someone gets of your business, let’s make it a good impression. And make sure the tone of voice and image is the same as in everything else.


What things do you find most inappropriate on a businesses Facebook page?