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10 Beautiful Tumblr Blogs

If you are looking for inspirational blogs, well you have come to the right place. We have selected our 10 favorite Tumblr blogs. 

#1 VisualSundae


VisualSundea has one of the best collections of drawer art and designs. You can find Illustrations, Graphic Design, Posters etc. It’s perfect if you want to find some inspiration.


#2 Designers for Tumblr

Tiger -300x 264

Here you can find designs from all over the world. Anyone is free to submit their work. So if you want  to see a lot of different designs from a lot of different designers, you have come to the right place.


#3 Design Cloud

Cloud -300x 264

Designer cloud has a very clear style and a very clear Tumblr blog. It’s a very easy to found your way around this blog.


#4 Wrap Magazine

Fire -300x 264

Wrap Magazine is a design magazine located in the UK. They not only put their own designs on their blog they also use designs they find inspirational.


#5 Michalva

Cama -300x 264

Michalva is a recent graduate from the visual school of arts. This is the blog where she collects designs from all over the internet.


#6 The Design Blog

Desig -300x 264

The design blog is a bit  different than the other blogs. It mostly cares about young not yet recognized designers. If you want to see something different, this is the place to go.


#7 This Isn’t Happiness

Tattoo -300x 264

This blog contains a mix of really fun stuff and really bad stuff, have a look for yourself and find out.


#8 Reform

Black -300x 264

This blog has the most inspiring stuff. It’s just a collection of everything you may find inspirational.


#9 Design Dust

Dust -300x 264

If don’t have a lot of time but you do want a lot of inspiration. Just visit Design Dust for a moment and you will feel inspired immediately.


#10 We And The Color

Color -300x 264-1

And last but definitely not least, We and the color. A brilliant collection of the most beautiful designs, definitely worth checking out once in a while.



Which Tumblr blogs did you like best?