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Mobile vs. desktop

Mobile usage has reached another milestone. In November 2013, 20 per cent of the world’s browsing activity was undertaken on a mobile device; a significant surge in usage for the category, and the first time it has reached such high levels.

According to Dublin-based web analytics group StatCounter, the November figures account for a tally of website pages viewed, and show mobile devices accessed 20 per cent of the total, while computers accounted for the other 80 per cent.

While these figures aren’t unexpected, they do highlight the rapidly expanding use of mobiles to access the net, a trend that is continuing at pace.

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When mobile browsing reached the 20 per cent share in November, it also marked an increase of more than 50 per cent over the last 12 months, according to StatCounter.

Computerworld also tracks mobile data usage. In November 2009 when it first started to, desktop controlled 98.9 per cent of the usage total. That was seven months before Apple put the first iPad on sale.

These stats are good news for marketers. Here are some interesting facts about mobile usage:


*          According to research conducted by ShareThis in July 2013, the mobile web is twice as social as desktop. That means people are twice as likely to click and share content on social networks through mobile devices as opposed to desktops.


*          This research also found the iPhone was the most social device, with users three times more likely to share content via their iPhone verses a desktop, and one-and-a-half times more likely to share on an iPhone compared to other mobile devices.


*          An analysis of tens of millions of mobile and desktop online ad impressions in the United States and Canada during March 2013 conducted by Chitika Insights found smart phone web browsing was the highest in the early evening, and represented about 40 per cent of peak usage.


*          During peak hour travel times, smart phone represented 90 per cent of usage, while the highest period of desktop browsing was during the typical working day.