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Pinterest and Instagram Introduce 'Buy' Buttons

Pinterest Buy Button

Pinterest announced earlier this year they were working on adding a ‘Buy’ button to their platform.  This week they have revealed details of the upcoming release of their ‘Buyable Pins’.

If it’s blue, you can buy it

Pinterest is known as a discovery platform and when users discover pins with items they like, they are keen to purchase them.  Now with buyable pins, a blue price appears where the item can be purchased direct from the app with your credit card. 

Buyable -Pins

Instagram New Advert Buttons 

Instagram has also made developments in offering new ways advertisers can achieve specific objectives with the inclusion of a range of buttons in new ad formats.  Businesses will soon be able to include call to action buttons to sign up to a website, buy a product or download an app.  In addition they have provided greater control over the audience they target.  

Instagram -buttons

What this means for marketers

These announcements from Instagram and Pinterest show a clear intention of the social platforms to enter the e-commerce market.  With these socially embedded buttons marketers will now be able to isolate a level of e-commerce spend directly resulting from it’s paid social media efforts. 

With the ‘Pin It’ buttons many online retailers have enabled on their websites this has encouraged the easy distribution of desired products by users to their network of connections.  The ‘Buy’ pins are a logical next step that brings the consumer closer to the point of purchase. 

For Instagram there is also the ability to bring consumers closer to a desired conversion with the specific call-to-action buttons.  The new ad targeting options similar to Facebook’s will also help to focus the advert on a specific audience.  

Differences between Instagram and Pinterest buttons

With different platforms comes different approaches to how they will be adopted.  For Instagram the approach will be more driven from posts to a brands feed with unique links to specific desired action.  While Pinterest will benefit from Buyable Pins being sharable via a brands ecommerce platform.

At this stage the availability of these functions are limited to the US, however with the anticipated uptake of ‘Buy’ buttons one would expect it to be rolled out to a larger audience within the foreseeable.