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6 Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation

For many generating leads is central to their business’s sales cycle.  An effective lead generation system is key to keeping the cogs of a company's engine turning.

Here are 6 tips to improve the lead generating potential of your website: 


1. Benchmark Your Current Position

Start off by getting an understanding of the current status of your lead conversion system.  Setup reports to record metrics for you landing page Call-To-Action clicks and form completions.  

Anaylse the performances of different landing pages to identify elements of top performing pages to be utilised on underperforming pages.  


2. Clear Call-To-Action Buttons

Every page of your should have clear purpose highlighted by a Call-To-Action, be it 'Sign Up', 'Download' or 'View'.  Make use of clear space in your page's layout to provide focus to this desired action.

Notice the two clearly contrasting green 'Sign Up' buttons on the Campaign Monitor site that provide a clear direction to the visitor.

clear call to action


3. Match Your Pages' Content With Its Offer

When visitors land on your site you want to draw them in wih compelling content and entince them with a matching proposition that encourages them closer to a purchase decision.  Ensuring that the offer or call-to-action within the page relates to the content that drew the visitor to the site increases your chances of them completing a lead form.

Another effective method for getting a visitor to complete a lead form is to provide some content freely available and require them to give contact details to receive even more valuable content.  However be sure to take note of the effect this has on lead generating conversion rates for that page.  


4. Testimonials To Support Your Offer  

Testimonials or reviews from your customers can have a powerful influence on a potential client's willingness to proceed with a company's service.  Including them on your website and even social media can encourage customers to get in touch.

Xero dedicates specifc parts of it's website to 'What Customers Say' as a tactic for encouraging customers to sign up.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 At 1.24.21 Pm


5. Offer Mulitple Contact Options

People have different preferences when it comes to enquiring about a product or service.  Some prefer the direct route of the phone, while others prefer email or contact forms while social media suits others.  Giiving customers the optons means you have maximum opportunities to gain leads from them.  

eWay even offers a Live Chat function that captures name, email and/ or phone number.

Contact Option Forms


6. Create A Lead Qualifying System

Creating a system where leads are reviewed, contacted and qualified makes a sales person's contact much more likely to result in success.  When creating a lead form it is important to think about gathering valuable data that will help this process without including so many fields the customer is put off completing the form.

When a lead is gathered an automated response should let the customer know when and how they can expect to be contacted.  This provides an opportunity to review and qualify the customer's stage of the sales cycle and other specific information relevant for future sales contact.


Generating a solid stream of leads is key to keeping a business' sales pipeline full.  Focusing on these 6 areas will ensure your company maxmises it opportunities to gather leads.